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“Scheme of Internship for Bright Young Minds”
Applications are invited for Internship at the AIGGPA from students and recent pass outs from Institutions like IITs, IIMs, IRMA, TISS, National Law Universities, XLRI, Xavier Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Forest Management and others institutions of national and international repute. The internship will be offered to students perusing post graduate studies and recent pass outs of these courses*.

  Objectives of the internship

I. To expose and sensitise brilliant young minds to the working of public systems at the policy and implementation levels.
II. To provide opportunities for young and budding professionals and researchers to apply themselves to real time design, implementation and evaluation of projects, programmes and schemes through the work presently on at the AIGGPA.
III. To allow the interns, within the ambit of the work assigned to them, to come up with workable solutions which help further the cause of good governance in the public space.

 Expected Outcomes

I. Through his/her work during internship help the intern complete an assignment that helps with deliverables expected in his curriculum at the parent academic institution. All the interns shall be required to write a report on a subject in addition to his/her work on the projects as per point “Guidelines / Salient Features of the Scheme->III ” below.
II. Provide the guiding faculty at AIGGPA an opportunity to learn from the interns of the latest researches and developments in the academia.
III. Help create a pool of young professionals and managers interested and committed to serve the cause of good governance.


Students pursuing courses at the post graduate level at their parent institution of learning or passouts from such institutions during the two academic years prior to the year in which applications are invited*.

Guidelines / Salient Features of the Scheme

I. Duration of internship will be for a period minimum 2 to a maximum 6 months. The Intern shall be eligible for a monthly compensation of Rs.10,000/- on completion of prescribed formalities and satisfactory output as per AIGGPA’s rules and procedures. They will also be eligible for train travel expenses from their place of study in India to Bhopal and back by AC 3 Tier by shortest route. Similar Travel costs for travel from port of entry in India to Bhopal will be payable to students from abroad. Shared Office space and access to ICT facilities will be available.
II. Applications in prescribed format will be invited from established reputed institutions and list of selected interns will be displayed on the website of the Institute (www.aiggpa.mp.gov.in). A no objection certificate/reference from Dean/Head of the Department/Placement Coordinator of the institution where the student is pursuing/ was pursuing till completion his study will be required.
III. The intern will work at one of the Centres of the AIGGPA, under the overall supervision of its head, designated as the Principal Advisor. The Principal Advisor shall assign work to the intern on one or more projects currently on and attach him to the team from the faculty and consultants assigned the responsibility for the project(s). His/her output shall be monitored.
IV. The intern will be required to submit a report and make a presentation atleast one week before the completion of his term on the work done during the internship before the Principal Advisor and members of the faculty, which may include the Director General. Copies of the same shall be forwarded by the Principal Advisor to the authority concerned, at the academic institution to which the intern belongs/ belonged.
V. The Institute will have the Intellectual Property Rights on the data collected, findings and all other outcomes of the projects undertaken by the interns. The contribution made by the interns in such studies will be duly acknowledged. However, no part of the foregoing components would be used by intern elsewhere without prior written permission of the Institute.
VI. On successful completion of the internship the intern shall be issued a Certificate and a letter of reference by the Institute.

Application Process

I. AIGGPA will invite applications, usually twice in a year. An advertisement to this effect shall be posted on AIGGPA’s website. In addition AIGGPA will write to selected academic institutions in India to ensure wider dissemination.
II. Applications complete in all respect along with attachments will have to be addressed to Shri Gaurav Khare at khare.gaurav@mp.gov.in. Applications by post or by hand shall not be entertained.
III. A committee appointed by the director general shall process the applications received to prepare a list of applicants found eligible for doing an internship at the AIGGPA. The committee may require the applicants to appear for an online interview.
IV. Selected applicants will receive an offer of internship, under intimation to his/her academic institution.
V. The intern within three days of reporting shall be required to sign a joining report and an undertaking on his/her role and responsibility as an intern at the AIGGPA. A copy of this will be appended to the application form blank to be issued by the institute.
VI. Disclaimer: An internship at the AIGGPA is not an application or eligibility for employment at the AIGGPA.In case of an intern not adhering to or complying with the rules and regulations of the AIGGPA, the latter reserves the right to terminate it without the payment of any dues that would have accrued as per the scheme and its guidelines.


*Students perusing B.Tech/B.E/B.Arch/LLB in their third year of later of their courses can apply.

Application form for Internship


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